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You can purchase tickets at the following locations:

  • at vending machines at tramway stations, on the G and H busway lines and on the L1, L3 and L6 bus lines;
  • on the CTS mobile application;
  • at CTS points of sale (Vélhop stores, tobacco and newspaper shops, bakeries...);
  • at Crédit Mutuel & CIC partner ATMs (you need a Badgéo card or a contactless ticket);
  • at the sales office, 9 place St-Pierre-le-Vieux in Strasbourg

Vending machines

All tickets (except for Park & Ride tickets) and season tickets can be purchased from vending machines at tramway stations, on busway lines G and H and at some bus stops.

Payment by credit card (no minimum) or cash (coins only, maximum 20 coins).

CTS mobile application

With the CTS app, buy, manage and validate your tickets with your smartphone.

The « Départ immédiat » feature (available on all smartphones - iOS and Android) allows you to purchase occasional tickets (one-way, 24H SOLO, 24H TRIO) valid immediately after payment.

The « Mes titres » feature (available on all NFC-enabled Android smartphones) allows you to buy all your tickets and season tickets and build up a real ticket portfolio.

> More information on appli.cts-strasbourg.eu

CTS points of sale

Almost all the tickets and season tickets are available in the CTS points of sale (Vélhop stores, tobacconists and newsagents, bakeries, etc.).

> Full list of CTS points of sale on cts-strasbourg.eu

Partner ATMs

The ATMs of CRÉDIT MUTUEL and CIC banks are identified by a Badgéo sticker. They allow you to load your Badgéo card (monthly subscription or tickets) and your contactless tickets whether or not you are a customer of the bank.

CTS Sales office

Possibility to buy a solo or multi Badgeo card and to load it. Sales staff can advise you on the best choice of ticket and media. Tickets are only available on Badgéo card.

Tramway station Alt Winmärik (Tram B / F)

9 place St-Pierre-le-Vieux in Strasbourg

  • Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm
  • Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm

Need help? Any other questions?

HELLO CTS +33 3 88 77 70 70


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